What Is A Virtual Assistant and What Do They Do?

What Is A Virtual Assistant and What Do They Do?

Virtual Assistants, or VA’s, have been around for quite a while but are still a fairly new concept in a few places.

So, to answer the question…

What is a Virtual Assistant and what do they do?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is just that – an assistant who works ‘virtually’…online, remotely, from their home, etc.

Look at a VA as an independent contractor providing a number of support services from their own office to a variety of clients. The services vary dependent on the area of expertise the VA works in, or their chosen niche and target market. There are VA’s who specialise in the real estate industry, or VA’s who focus on admin work, or social media management for clients, and so forth.

VA’s communicate with their clients using email, Skype, the telephone and other web-based tools, thus removing the need to go into their clients’ offices.

Why Would You Consider Having a Virtual Assistant?

A VA frees you up to focus on running your actual business or organisation – therefore giving you back that valuable commodity called TIME. Time you can spend focussing on other important things such as networking, looking after your clients and making money! Sounds good doesn’t it!

One of the perks to hiring a VA is that they are paid for the time spent on the job at hand – whether that be by the hour, day, or per job, or per ‘package’. This removes the additional employment ‘costs’ usually associated with hiring someone, such as annual leave, super, insurance, etc. Oh, and another thing – a VA doesn’t clog up office space! They work from their own virtual office.

To give you some examples, I’m currently helping 2 small business owners with their blogging – anything from proofreading, finding appropriate images, through to editing and posting on their blogs and social media accounts

What Services Do I Offer?

I have chosen to focus on providing the following high-quality services to clients, from individuals through to Not For Profits, Small Businesses, and Corporates – and yes, it may seem a lot, but many of the services are complimentary!

  • Establishing social media strategies and presence
  • Social Media Management / Updates
  • Social Media branding / Mentoring
  • Blogging / Copywriting
  • CV writing and updating
  • LinkedIn Profile creation & updating
  • Newsletter & Ebook design, content creation & editing
  • Project & Event Management
  • PowerPoint presentation development
  • Document management, including proofreading, editing and coordinating the review process
  • Writing & editing business documents from business cases to Program, project management and PMO documentation to Tender responses, having successfully helped a number of clients win places on ICT and Business Advisory Services panels
  • Other general admin
  • And more – if you have a specific task – just ask!

Why Would You Hire Me?

Because I’m me and I’m Very Awesome!

But seriously, I have worked within Project Management throughout the last 12 years in a variety of industries (Telecommunications, Government, IT, Resources, Fleet Management, and more), which has both equipped and provided me with invaluable skills to both manage and support people from all walks of life.

Also, I’m a 100% Aussie based VA. This is important to note, as there are much ‘cheaper’ VA’s out there from outside of Australia where the quality of service differs. Sure, you can save a couple of dollars, but I guarantee quality, knowledge of a variety of industries within Australia, as well as excellent communication skills and similar time zones.

I am available for hourly, daily, weekly and per job rates. No job too big or small!

Oh, and did I say I love working with people? I especially love mentoring and coaching. If you or your staff need a boost, to discuss your goals or personal development, then I’m your girl!

All you have to do is contact me on [email protected] to discuss! How does that sound? Awesome right!

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