Are you building resilience in your employees?

Are you building resilience in your employees?

What can employers do to manage the stress and well-being of employees?

In a market where companies are downsizing and making significant changes in their businesses, it is important to have a mentally healthy workplace. It is a stressful time for many, employees managing with changes to organisations, and remaining positive is key to maintaining a productive and happy environment.

What is resilience?

Building resilience in your employees is one important strategy to manage stress in your workplace. A resilient individual in your organisation will be one that during times of adversity or change, maintain good mental health and remains productive. There are strategies to building resilience, through training, support and promotion of good health, both mentally and physically.

Promote a healthy workplace

Another way to build resilient employees is to promote a healthy workplace culture by providing an environment where they are supported and rewarded. Providing flexible working arrangements for those that require it, allowing sick days to be taken for ‘mental health days’ and providing the appropriate means to support to those going through difficult times either personally or professionally are great ways to acknowledge the importance of mental health in the business.

Employee Assistance Programs

One of the things the team at Beacham Group have implemented is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), where employees and managers can access free, confidential counselling, professional development and workshops. The program allows employees and contractors to get support on any issues or challenges they are facing both personally and professionally, as well and providing a resource of workshops and training to maintain and manage good mental health

Beacham Group are always looking at new ways to provide a healthy and positive environment for its team, with implementing the EAP just being one of these. We promote healthy living by providing breakfast and fruit to staff and are currently looking into wellness and health providers to provide even more benefits for the employees.

What is your employer doing to build the resilience of its employees?

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